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                Welcome to Danale!

                Head in the clouds? Us too!

                Imagine a home as intelligent as you. Now imagine that each part of this home is seamlessly connected and powered through one great service ĘC that service is Danale. Danale makes your home smarter and your life simpler. The Internet of Things has changed the way we interact with our home, office, and environments. Partnered with many major brands, Danale can launch any home into the cloud and make your devices work for you! Some call it magic, we call it Danale.

                Our Services

                For End-Users Find out how the Danale application can help manage all the smart devices in your life. Read more…
                For Hardware Designers Have an awesome smart device that needs cloud storage capabilities or a custom application? Read more…
                For Software Developers Our cloud API can bring a cloud storage solution to your already great application! Read more…
                For Support Please see our FAQs, or get in contact with a member of our customer support team! Read more…

                Smart By Danale

                When a smart device is deemed Smart By Danale, it means that this device is now part of a family. Smart By Danale is more than a slogan, it’s a promise. It is a promise that this product is fully compatible with the Danale application and will be able to access our cloud service platform. We take our promises seriously, so when we say Smart By Danale, we mean it!  Read More…
                Test drive our app! ANDROID iOS

                Our Smart Platform

                • CLOUD STORAGE

                  Save custom content and access it from anywhere in the world.

                  Allows devices to adapt to your preferences automatically

                  Receive notifications when important events occur
                • TASK AUTOMATION

                  Define custom rules to simplify complex or excessive tasks
                • Remote Access And Control

                  Enjoy real-time interfacing with all of your devices and access them remotely
                • DANALE CUMULUS

                  Connect with various devices and applications residing in Danale Cloud


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                Danale App Screenshots


                Download Our App

                Choose your platform and download the app FREE!

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